Monday, November 14, 2005

Geneva Greens pocket second seat in State Council elections

The Green Party of Geneva won a second seat in last Sunday's State Council elections, resulting in a red-green majority (the State Council is the government of the Republic and Canton of Geneva). The incumbent Robert Cramer (Green) called the result "fantastic" and said that it confirmed the good result of the recent Great Council elections, where the Greens won 5 additional seats to become the third biggest party in Geneva's parliament (the right had won a majority). Both Robert Cramer and the newly elected David Hiller are considered pragmatic non-polemic personalities.

New Geneva State Council

  1. Pierre-Francois Unger (CVP) 54080
  2. Robert Cramer (Green) 53710
  3. David Hiler (Green) 53267
  4. Francois Longchamp (FDP) 51940
  5. Charles Beer (SP) 49873
  6. Mark Muller (Lib) 45049
  7. Laurent Moutinot (SP) 43941

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Swiss Greens Theme for PocketPC


The stylish Swiss Greens Theme for PocketPC is available for download again. Right click -->Theme<-- and "Save Target As..." in Internet Explorer (or "Save Link As..." in Firefox) to a folder of your choice. The file name is swissgreens.tsk.

To install the Theme, follow these simple steps:

  1. With your Pocket PC in the cradle, copy swissgreens.tsk from where you downloaded it to your Pocket PC's My Documents folder
  2. On the Pocket PC tap Start (Windows Icon), then tap Settings, then tap Today. You'll see a list of all available themes (including swissgreens.tsk)
  3. Select swissgreens.tsk by tapping it and then tap OK

The theme will display on your Today screen.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Swiss Greens International back again

This is the resurrected provisio-permanent Web site of, the official home of the inofficial international section of the Green Party of Switzerland. There were some minor "issues" with the previous host service, and therefore I chose a blog format for the brand new site. This fits nicely, I think, with the overall supposed property of this site: a collection of political news reports that may be of interest to ecologically minded Swiss abroad.

Anyway, we're back now. There's more to come soon on this space, so check back frequently (I know that's only a lame excuse for having nothing new to say, really. But there will be some cool stuff here soon. Hopefully.).

There you go.