Monday, August 20, 2007

Upcoming elections

OK, here we are. The next general elections that I told you about (here) are imminent! If you're a Swiss Abroad and haven't registered for voting in Switzerland yet, now might be a good time to consider doing it. And this means NOW! It's perhaps best to check the voting refresher on how to register and vote for your favourite Green list.

The election site for the Swiss Greens is

...and while we're at it. If you happen to be registered in the Canton of Berne and don't quite know who to vote for, the (that would be me) is running on the ballot of the Green Party of Berne/Democratic Alternative (GPB/DA) as number eight (see ballot). Visit the corresponding election sites ("true color" in German) and ("genuine green" in French) for details. They should be up and running soon.


At 23:05, Anonymous Peter said...

Congratulations! You gained a few seats, I hear. Go Greens, go! Now all you need is get Switzerland in the EU. We need you.


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